new-home-1664272_1280Wisconsin is warming, and that means…

The old joke is that Wisconsin has 2 seasons- winter & road construction, but we’re here to talk about home construction. There’s been a whirlwind of growth in western & northwestern Wisconsin new home construction and if it’s your time to build, don’t forget the water.

Pick your water

Building your home let’s you choose everything from the front door to the countertop but it’s easy to overlook the opportunity to pick your water. With all the decisions you have to make, why focus on the water? You use water everyday in & on your body, on your food plus through your appliances and conditioned water: dishwasher-3186136_1280

  • Helps your new appliances last longer
  • Protects pipes from scaling
  • Keeps faucets from corroding
  • Saves money by maximizing appliance efficiency and reduced water use
  • Cleans you and your home better
  • Eliminates mineral staining in the bathroom


These steps are sure to save you money over the life of your home.
For more information about water considerations during construction, click here.

Start for free

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